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Howloween is an annual event that invades the hallows of the Metro Vancouver area every Halloween time, catering to furries and friends who appreciate a great time with a spooky twist! The event started as a Halloween party in a lowly basement nearly a decade ago and has been in multiple venues (and hosts), but with one common thread: A Frightfully Furry Party!

Much more than just a party, and often called a "mini-convention", Howloween features a full day of spooky furry fun, including a dance hosted by the talented DJs of Elektrofuzz, fursuit games, events, art games, game shows, lots of hangout space, and general spooky fun! Many have called Howloween their first furry event and people of all ages, interests, and backgrounds are welcome! Any kind of public-friendly costumes are encouraged, but street clothes are perfectly fine too. The only requirement is an open mind and a desire for a good time!

We favorite all appropriate submissions that have the "Howloween" or "Howl(year)" (ex: Howl2015) tags!


NOTICE! Howloween now has a youtube channel! We will have some recorded bits from the 2015 events up soon!

Thank you SO much to everyone for coming to Howloween this year and to EVERYONE who lent a hand and volunteered! We had 278 total attendees and was very smooth! Thank you all for being awesome!

A big shout out to Ember, Torwin and Akonite for coordinating the insane dance and saving the night when it got so epic it blew a fuse! Thanks to Kato for helping with the awesome dance lighting! Thanks to Silverskiwolf for coordinating bowling, Trapa for running battleship, Whovianart and DavidK for furry feud and to Orwin, the man behind the mixer for the day events. Thank you to all our staff for running registration (Gizmo, Carthage, Faye, Chilly & Spike, etc), security (Koda, Narcissus, Nostalgicmon, Ro & Neouka), logistics and more! We couldn't have done it without all your valiant efforts! Huge thank you to Temrin once again for all the amazing work you did on Howl this year and a heartfelt thank you to all the artists who volunteered their time and skills to the event to give us the awesome badges, signage and more! Give some luv to Rabbitasaur for our SOLD OUT Howloween t-shirt this year! If you didn't get one and still want one, please contact us at (We are sorry if we missed anyone on this list! Seriously we thank you all!)

Have DJ mixes, Videos or Photos you would like to share? Feel free to email with LINKS to a page to view them and we will get them posted to a little media post here. Please be reminded that we may not include everything!


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RayvensEye Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013   General Artist
Happy Halloween to you:) 
HowloweenCanada Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013
And to you as well :D
RayvensEye Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013   General Artist
:D Thanks.
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